The Somm: Sergio Santos

A Lisbon native now living in Porto, Sergio Santos is a sommelier with over ten years’ experience. What distinguishes Sergio from other sommelier’s I’ve met is his passion for wine and eagerness to share his knowledge with others, including with a novice like me. Sergio studied hospitality at Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Lisboa and then worked in different hotels in Lisbon. During his time working at hotels, he was put in charge of the Food and Beverage department and it was because of this that he began to take an interest in wines. The interest grew stronger and he eventually became a Sommelier. Sergio worked in various fine dining restaurants over the years, but left the restaurant world and in the last year has set up his own wine consultancy, distribution and tourism company, Portus Wine Trip. It is evident that he loves what he does; Sergio radiates joie de vivre at all times and instantly connects with people with his down to earth attitude and light-heartedness. He can pour a magnum of wine with incredible elegance and poise and you can guarantee that your glass will always be full (both metaphorically and literally) when in his company. But what is most inspirational about Sergio is how he  has persisted in his goals to set up his own business. Back when he was 23 he opened a restaurant with a friend. Unfortunately, it closed due to some difficulties with the landlord. Despite the disappointment and losses, Sergio learned immensely from that experience and understood that the next time he set up a business it would be on his terms. He started Portus Wine Trip because he wanted to go beyond just sharing wine experiences in restaurants for a select few. He believes that Portuguese wines have the potential to be the best in the world and he saw it as his mission to share these wines and wine experiences with both locals and foreigners. He sees the opportunity to revamp wine lists in many fine Portuguese restaurants to showcase the incredible range of wines that exist in this small but diverse country. With his contagious enthusiasm for life, his incredible sense of humour and his focused entrepreneurial spirit, I have no doubt that he will have continued success.


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